CERTIFICATE WINE COURSE EXAMS 5 and 6 June 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php The exams are over - now I wait for the results. For those who don’t know, the Cape Wine Academy is the official, leading organisation in South Africa to learn about wine. It was formed in 1979 and, since then, over 120,000 people have enrolled … Continue reading Exam-WINE-ations!

Fish (and other foods) with Wanda!

WINE & FOOD WORKSHOP Thursday 25 May 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php http://www.privatehotelschool.co.za/ Experience: 4/5 Wines: Not applicable Hotel 33, the Private Hotel School, Stellenbosch was just North of Spier Wine Farm, on the Vlottenburg Road, my course instructions said. It was an easy find and, keen to miss the afternoon rush hour traffic exiting Cape Town, I … Continue reading Fish (and other foods) with Wanda!

Wine can be so Humbling

PRE-EXAM BLIND TASTING Wednesday 24 May 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php If ever the phrase, “The more you know, the less you know” comes to mind then this was the night! I have Theory and Tasting exams coming up for the Cape Wine Academy Certificate Course on 5/6 June. The Tasting exam involves blind tasting of 6 wines … Continue reading Wine can be so Humbling

Brut Force and Less Ignorance

CAPE WINE ACADEMY - CERTIFICATE COURSE - DAY 3 Saturday 18 March 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php Experience: 5/5 “It’s sweeties and sparklies”, says Monty Friendship in his inimitable, cheeky style to start the third and final day of the Certificate Course at the Cape Wine Academy. Monty turns learning into fun. He had taught me before during the … Continue reading Brut Force and Less Ignorance

A Cape Wine Master-class

CAPE WINE ACADEMY - CERTIFICATE COURSE - DAY 2 Friday 17 March 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php Experience: 4.5/5 Day 2 of the Cape Wine Academy Certificate Course promised to be slightly gentler on the grigio matter. The route to Morgenhof Wine Estate, North of Stellenbosch, was known. It was a Friday (with less traffic) and the first … Continue reading A Cape Wine Master-class

Cork and Talk with Dave

CAPE WINE ACADEMY - CERTIFICATE COURSE - DAY 1 Thursday 16 March 2017 http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php Experience: 4/5 Half an hour into the first lecture and I was wondering what I had let myself in for. It was on 21 December 2016 that I applied for the Certificate (3 day) Course. I was still enthusiastic after completing … Continue reading Cork and Talk with Dave

Little Did I Know What I Had Started – A New Passion

CAPE WINE ACADEMY http://www.capewineacademy.co.za/index.php Experience: 5/5 Today, my partner and I signed up for our second course with the Cape Wine Academy: the three-day Certificate Wine Course in mid-March. Little did I know what I had started when I picked up a flyer for the Cape Wine Academy in Ultra Liquors in Wynberg. We both … Continue reading Little Did I Know What I Had Started – A New Passion