Where’s the Grande in Provence?

GRANDE PROVENCE HERITAGE WINE ESTATE Saturday 29 July 2017 http://www.grandeprovence.co.za/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Grande Provence was the final tram stop on our day out on the Red Line. The tram had taken us from the office in the middle of Franschhoek to Maison, Chamonix and Rickety Bridge. Grande Provence was an estate that I … Continue reading Where’s the Grande in Provence?

Wine on the Slopes at Chamonix

CHAMONIX WINE FARM Saturday 29 July 2017 http://www.chamonix.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 4/5 Shinell, our Wine Tram host, had explained that many Franschhoek wine farms are named after the region in France from where the original Huguenots came. Whilst Chamonix is an area in the Alps to the North of Mont Blanc in France, I am … Continue reading Wine on the Slopes at Chamonix

Slave to the Rhythm at Solms-Delta

SOLMS-DELTA WINES 22 June 2017 http://www.solms-delta.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Solms-Delta was one of those wine farms whose name is familiar and I feel I ought to visit for tasting. The winery was conveniently located on the R45 South of Franschhoek, close to Allée Bleue where I also planned to explore, and so I decided to … Continue reading Slave to the Rhythm at Solms-Delta

Bon Courage and Bon Voyage

BON COURAGE WINE ESTATE 1 June 2017 https://www.boncourage.co.za/ http://www.wackywineweekend.com/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 4/5 The individual character of wine farms fascinates me. If Excelsior Wine Estate was for the enthusiast and aficionado, then Bon Courage Estate – only a few kilometres away - was ready to party. Preparations for a large number of Wacky Wine Weekend … Continue reading Bon Courage and Bon Voyage

Robertson – Town by Name, Wine by Name

ROBERTSON WINERY 1 June 2017 https://www.robertsonwinery.co.za/ http://www.wackywineweekend.com/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 3.5/5 It took little time to drive the 10 kilometres from Rooiberg Winery to reach Robertson Winery. The Winery is towards the centre of the town with its same name. I arrived at the cellar to find it remarkably quiet. This would have surprised on … Continue reading Robertson – Town by Name, Wine by Name

Cabernet Franc – Well Worth a Gamble!

CABERNET FRANC CARNIVAL AT AVONTUUR ESTATE Saturday 20 May 2017 http://www.cvomarketing.co.za/events/cabernet-franc-carnivals-2017/ http://www.avontuurestate.co.za/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 4/5 Look at a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup and you will see the slogan “57 varieties” on the label. Henry J Heinz introduced the marketing slogan "57 Pickle varieties" in 1896. There’s debate about the origins of the branding: … Continue reading Cabernet Franc – Well Worth a Gamble!

Good Things Come in Twos – at Southern Right too!

SOUTHERN RIGHT Friday 12 May 2017 http://www.southernright.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 (Tasting Room closed) Wines: 4.5/5 The Hamilton Russell dynasty does things in pairs. Hamilton Russell vineyards grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and produce 2 single variety Estate wines only. Ashbourne Wines, that border the Hamilton Russell property to the East and founded by Anthony Hamilton Russell … Continue reading Good Things Come in Twos – at Southern Right too!

Wonderful Grapes at the Vineyard Hotel

UVA MIRA MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS Monday 3 April 2017 http://uvamira.com/home https://www.vineyard.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 3/5 It was good to be back ‘in’ the Vineyard after a break whilst on holiday. This was a ‘mini’ mini tasting with Lara, from Sales & Marketing, bringing just 3 wines to try out. I learned while waiting that Uva is … Continue reading Wonderful Grapes at the Vineyard Hotel

Four Partners (not Cousins) at the Vineyard Hotel

KLEIN CONSTANTIA, MEERLUST, SIMONSIG AND WARWICK WINE ESTATES Monday 20 March 2017 http://www.kleinconstantia.com/ http://www.meerlust.co.za/ http://www.simonsig.co.za/ http://warwickwine.com/ https://www.vineyard.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 4/5 Tasting at the Vineyard Hotel, Claremont in the Cape Town southern suburbs this evening was different to those usually attended. The Hotel provided wines from 4 of its 5 wine partners: Klein Constantia, Meerlust, Simonsig … Continue reading Four Partners (not Cousins) at the Vineyard Hotel