Purring at the Wines in Tyger Valley

TASTE OF TYGER VALLEY WINE FESTIVAL 30 June 2017 https://www.tygervalley.co.za/ Experience: 4/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Tyger Valley Centre was a bold and unusual place in which to hold a wine festival (R150 entry fee). I hadn’t been shopping here before, parked at the end opposite the Arena, and soon realised just how large the Mall is. It … Continue reading Purring at the Wines in Tyger Valley

How Do You Grow a Vineyard Like Maria?

NEETHLINGSHOF WINE ESTATE Friday 5 May 2017 https://neethlingshof.co.za/ Experience: 4/5 Wines: 4/5 The drive from Clos Malverne to Neethlingshof was barely 10 kilometres. The contrast was far greater than the distance and in so many ways too. The grand, white Neethlingshof entrance gates stood imperious against the grey sky. Ageing stone pine trees lined the … Continue reading How Do You Grow a Vineyard Like Maria?

Diemersdal has Six Appeal

DIEMERSDAL WINE ESTATE Saturday 8 April 2017 http://diemersdal.co.za/ Experience: 4.5/5 Wines: 4.5/5 The Stormers were home to the Chiefs later today. Two teams, both unbeaten in the first 5 games of the Super Rugby season, promised a titanic match. My season ticket was already packed tight in my wallet. What has this to do with … Continue reading Diemersdal has Six Appeal

Beyond Expectation

BUITENVERWACHTING Saturday 17 December 2016 http://www.buitenverwachting.com Experience: 4/5 Wines: 4/5 My partner and I followed the winding road through the sunny meadows. We remembered, at last, that Buitenverwachting is closed for wine-tasting on Sundays. The Public Holiday on Friday had probably helped shape our weekend plans as we usually taste on Sunday afternoons. I mused … Continue reading Beyond Expectation