A Quando-ary: When to Drink …?

QUANDO VINEYARDS & WINERY 2 June 2017 http://www.quando.co.za/ http://www.wackywineweekend.com/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Quando Vineyards & Winery was very close to Arendsig Wines. The wine farm had been recommended by fellow Wacky Wine Weekend wine aficionados as a place to taste. Palm trees lined one side of the driveway that led to the Tasting Room … Continue reading A Quando-ary: When to Drink …?

Where Eagles Care

ARENDSIG SINGLE VINEYARD WINES 2 June 2017 http://www.arendsig.co.za/ http://www.wackywineweekend.com/ Experience: 4.5/5 Wines: 4.5/5 Arendsig Wines was barely 8 kilometres from De Wetshof Estate and on the South side of the Breede River. Arendsig is Afrikaans for `Eagle View’ and so perhaps quite likely that the bataleur at De Wetshof could have been seen from Arendsig … Continue reading Where Eagles Care

King Chenin Kens (Knows) the Wood from the Trees

KEN FORRESTER VINEYARDS Wednesday 22 March 2017 http://www.kenforresterwines.com/ Experience: 4.5/5 Wines: 5/5 The 2016 Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc was my favourite white wine at the Stellenbosch PicknPay Wine Festival and so I was eager to visit Ken Forrester Vineyards. I wanted to see too if I could buy some Chenin Blanc for a Vertical … Continue reading King Chenin Kens (Knows) the Wood from the Trees

Noble Wines without the Rot

NOBLE HILL WINE ESTATE Sunday 19 March 2017 http://www.noblehill.com/ Experience: 3.5/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Noble Hill was another estate I had not heard of or whose wine I had ever drunk. I was in the Paarl wine district, it was open for tasting on Sunday, and so I visited. The oak-lined drive guided me to a … Continue reading Noble Wines without the Rot

The Gods Come Home to the Vineyard

DOMAINES DES DIEUX Monday 13 March 2017 http://www.domainedesdieux.co.za/ Experience: 4/5 Wines: 4/5 The Cape South Easter that blew away the chances of anyone starting, let alone finishing, the Cape Town Cycle Tour yesterday was not going to give up easily. Consequently, there was a chilly breeze as the sun set over the Vineyard Hotel tonight. … Continue reading The Gods Come Home to the Vineyard

Tasting Vines at the Vineyard

STONY BROOK VINEYARDS Monday 20 February 2017 https://www.vineyard.co.za/ http://www.stonybrook.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 4/5 The last of the sun’s rays were doing their best to give a little warmth on the lawn at the back of the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. The wind had at least died down. I had … Continue reading Tasting Vines at the Vineyard