Purring at the Wines in Tyger Valley

TASTE OF TYGER VALLEY WINE FESTIVAL 30 June 2017 https://www.tygervalley.co.za/ Experience: 4/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Tyger Valley Centre was a bold and unusual place in which to hold a wine festival (R150 entry fee). I hadn’t been shopping here before, parked at the end opposite the Arena, and soon realised just how large the Mall is. It … Continue reading Purring at the Wines in Tyger Valley

Slave to the Rhythm at Solms-Delta

SOLMS-DELTA WINES 22 June 2017 http://www.solms-delta.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 3.5/5 Solms-Delta was one of those wine farms whose name is familiar and I feel I ought to visit for tasting. The winery was conveniently located on the R45 South of Franschhoek, close to Allée Bleue where I also planned to explore, and so I decided to … Continue reading Slave to the Rhythm at Solms-Delta

Intriguing and Confusing – An Enigmatic Experience

CONSTANTIA UITSIG Thursday 26 January 2017 https://uitsig.co.za/ Experience: 3/5 Wines: 3/5 Uitsig, or more correctly Constantia Uitsig, was one of the last Constantia Valley wine estates I visited for tasting for the Cape Wine Lovers’ Society. There’s no special reason other than I have been here several times before. Even so, I never knew that … Continue reading Intriguing and Confusing – An Enigmatic Experience

Beyond Expectation

BUITENVERWACHTING Saturday 17 December 2016 http://www.buitenverwachting.com Experience: 4/5 Wines: 4/5 My partner and I followed the winding road through the sunny meadows. We remembered, at last, that Buitenverwachting is closed for wine-tasting on Sundays. The Public Holiday on Friday had probably helped shape our weekend plans as we usually taste on Sunday afternoons. I mused … Continue reading Beyond Expectation